Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Week 2: A Call to Arms

Week 2:

The most important thing Mrs. Dahl teaches is metacognition. Understanding brain hooks, and the importance of knowing the difference between a fixed vs growth mindset can be applied to everything students will do in life. These kids are being setup to be life long learners, with a potential intellectual capacity far greater than their peers who do not learn about metacognition.

It's truly sad that not all students are receiving this information. Even me, an uneducated, fantasy football playing, meat-head can see the impact this is having on the students' learning. Metacognitive strategies will be the banner I carry into my teaching career.

After saying all this to mom, she gave me about seven of Donna Wilson and Marcus Conyers books. They are two pioneers in the field of metacognitive teaching methods. With these books and mom as a guide, I hope to shape every step I take in my development as a teacher through metacognition and mindfulness.

Week two of school was just as inspiring as week one was. I can't believe how much I'm learning and how awesome this profession is. For the Love of Teaching makes sense to me now because... how could you not love this? Especially knowing that you're touching lives and the future.

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