Saturday, August 11, 2018

Beginning of the Year Brain Lessons

I like to teach my students a few basic brain facts from the very first day of school. I find the knowledge is empowering for them and can be referred back to all year.

I've taught these lessons to 2-4th graders. They can certainly be used in upper grades too. I'm attaching the lessons I start with, along with links to all the resources. Feel free to use these in your classroom to empower your students' learning as well!

Brain Lesson 1: The Plasticity of the Brain part 1
Brain Lesson 2: The Plasticity of the Brain, part 2, The Pipecleaner Brain
Brain Lesson 3: Effort Beats Intelligence, You Control Your Brain

In April I do Brain Awareness Week with my classes for more fun and in-depth learning about the brain. However, the three lessons above have year-long benefits that just can't wait for April!

Have fun and let me know how it goes!