Monday, August 2, 2010

Tool for Combining Blooms Taxonomy and Multiple Intelligences

If you are like me, you understand Blooms Taxonomy and Multiple Intelligences, but finding ways to combine and integrate the two can be challenging at best.  Following is a review of a publication that will help you do just that!  If you have never seen the Curriculum & Project Planner for Integrating Multiple Intelligences, Thinking Skills and Authentic Instruction by Sandra Schurr, you are in for a treat!

The Curriculum and Project Planner (which I will refer to as CPP) is a five-page foldout that is easy to tuck into your lesson plan book.  Within these five pages are four valuable sections.

Section One

This is the largest fold out section.  CPP presents a large grid.   The top of the grid lists the following columns:
‘Blooms & Williams’ Taxonomies – Action Verbs and Student Behaviors’
‘Suggested Student Products and Performances’
‘Optional Assessment Formats’
‘Sample Learning Tasks’

The rows on the side of the grid list the 9 Multiple Intelligences.  Therefore if you needed to find a good student product for a Naturalist Intelligence – just follow the Naturalist row over to the Suggested Student Products and Performances column.  There you will find a wealth of ideas. 

Section Two

Section two gives an overview of the 9 Multiple Intelligences.  The focus of each intelligence is described as well as tips to identify students of each intelligence.

Section Three

This section describes the levels of both Blooms Taxonomy of Cognitive Development and Williams’ Taxonomy of Creative Thinking. 

Section Four

The fourth section is a graphic organizer titled Considering it All!  It is a guide to help teachers plan lessons that integrate the Intelligences and Taxonomies. 

Where to Get the Planner

You can find the Planner several places.  Most educational stores sell it.  You can also purchase it on Amazon.


Remember that you won’t be able to hit every Intelligence every day.  I think a workable goal is to hit every Intelligence at least once during a school week. 
What tools do you use to help you combine skills into authentic instruction?
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