Monday, October 25, 2010

A Brain-Based Resource for Parents to Help Their Kids Learn!

 Parental involvement is a strong predictor of student success.  Metacognition is crucial to student success. Marcus Conyers and Donna Wilson bring the two together in their book BrainSMART In The House: The Family Guide to Helping Children Succeed in School and in Life.

The book is broken down into three easy to understand sections.  According to the introduction, “The first section, titled Thinking, includes ideas for coaching your children to become successful and seven essential tools for thinking.  Section 2 is titled Learning and includes 20 tools from the popular BrainSMART Model.  Section 3 is titled Communication and explains our Barcode for the Brain model as a powerful communication tool.”

I’m excited about this book because it takes the brain-based metacognitive tools we use in the classroom, and extends it to the home.  Now I have another fantastic tool to share with parents!

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