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Shout-out to Frisco ISD in Texas!

The old water tower in downtown Frisco, Tx, USA.
The old water tower in downtown Frisco, Tx, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you want to find an exemplary district full of enthusiastic and dedicated teachers, administrators, and support staff, take a look at the Frisco ISD in Texas. Not only are they finicky/picky in their hiring, but they continue to grow and develop their teachers through fabulous professional development. Not the *yawn*, I'm about to go to sleep kind of professional development. I mean the "Hey, this is useful!" kind of professional development. To take it a step further, the professional development is usually offered by other master teachers within Frisco.

The Frisco administration understands the powerful effects highly effective teachers can achieve for students. Donna Wilson, Phd, in both her professional development sessions and in her book BrainSMART 60 Strategies for Increasing Student Learning cites a study by Sanders, W., and Rivers, J. (1996) on the cumulative and residual effects of teachers on future student academic achievement. (Research Progress Report). The study found that three consecutive highly effective teachers can make the difference between a student being labeled gifted or in need of serious intervention. That is powerful. Frisco ISD is trying to provide those highly effective teachers for their students.

I just finished planning out my Frisco professional development for the summer. I'm excited. Just look at this list!

June 18: Collaborative Math Planning (k-5)
June 19: The Workshop Model: Math, Reading, and Writing (k-5)
June 20: guided Reading (k-5)
June 21: Math Parent Communication/Education (k-5)
July 23: LLI (k-2)
July 24: Expository Writing Across the Curriculum (k-5)
July 25: Flipping Your Classroom and the Big 3 Symposium
July 27: FISD Mentor Training
August 6: Teacher Leader Academy Day 1
August 7: Teacher Leader Academy Day 2
August 8: Elementary Math Problem Solving and Work Stations (grades 1-2)
August 9: iStation Advanced: Using Data to Drive Instruction (k-5)

Here's what I want to do but can't fit in:

Readers and Writers Workshop/Conferencing Advanced (k-5)
Texas History: Going Textbookless - The TEKS and Technology
Jammin in the Classroom (k-5)

I know what you're're thinking I must be a professional development junkie. You're right! (I'm also starting my EdS degree in Brain-Based teaching and Teacher Leadership with BrainSMART this summer.) But wow, with all these amazing classes offered by a supportive district, who wouldn't be?

Thank you Frisco ISD for providing for your students by offering such fabulous training for your teachers!

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